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Meg Froelich answering voter questions


Drawing Together

Education as an issue is where my passion and my experience are in alignment. I am fighting for meaningful improvements to our education system every day at the Capitol. Our schools are the cornerstone of our community — as primarily a place of learning but also as the pathway to opportunity, an economic engine, and a place of congregation. The following are education issues I am focusing on:

  • Adequate Funding

  • Safe and Inclusive Schools

  • Accountability

  • Expansion of Kindergarten

  • College Affordability 

Young Businesswomen
Economic Security for Women 

Families are working harder than ever to make ends meet, send their children to college and save for retirement. And the earnings of women are central to meeting those goals. Women are the sole or equal breadwinners in more than 40% of families, yet women working at all income levels tend to be paid less. Having an economy that works for everyone starts by ensuring women are paid the same amount as men when they work in similar jobs. It’s illegal to pay women less, but discrimination in pay exists. It’s time to make equal pay for equal work a reality.

Family Unwrapping
Family Protections

I support policies that will help families access affordable quality childcare (in concert with early childhood education, and all-day Kindergarten), paid sick days and family leave, and protections against discrimination for pregnant workers and workers with children.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
Reproductive Healthcare

Women must have access to a wide range of reproductive health services so they can plan when to have a family and achieve their life goals. Women and their doctors - not politicians and employers - should make decisions about birth control and reproductive care.

Economic Development

In the South Metro area, we have benefitted tremendously from Light Rail down Santa Fe and along I-25. Some of the well-planned Transit Oriented Developments have been positive additions to our area. I recognize from my time on Greenwood Village City Council that efforts to work collaboratively with local, state and federal governments results in economic benefits for the region as a whole. Public transportation is one of the key components of continuing to attract employers to our area. As the former liaison to the Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce (now DTC Chamber) I understand the needs of the business community and the ways in which small businesses benefit from organizations like the DTC Chamber, the South Metro Chamber, and the Englewood Chamber.

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